5 Golden Tips to Help Equinox Improve Their Facebook Ads

Equinox are one of the worlds leading luxury fitness brands.
They don’t have members, they have disciples.
Loyal brand advocates who swear by their eucalyptus scented refrigerated towels and their chic studio spaces.
They are what so many other fitness boutiques aspire to be and we’ve been fans of their digital marketing and branding for quite some time.
So we were more than a little bit surprised when this popped up in our Facebook feed the other day:
Now to us, this is an ad that screams out “Improve me!”
So, here goes.

Step 1: Make the Offer Clear

The first edit we would make to this ad is ensuring that the offer is clear.
Stating that there is an ‘exclusive offer’ will not grab people’s attention quite simply because they do not know what the offer is.
You need to explicitly state what you’re offer is so that people immediately know whether to take action.
You cannot rely on people to be curious. Because these days they do not have the attention span.
It’s the same logic as to why a sign outside a shop saying ‘50% off sale’ is more powerful than a sign saying ‘sale’.
So make sure to state your offer both in the ad copy and, most importantly, in your ad headline. You could also add in the offer to your image creative if you really wanted to grab people’s attention.

Step 2: Make Sure the Image Is Engaging

Now we don’t have a big problem with the image.
It’s a cool image and it’s nice and high res. However, our own experience has taught us that videos tend to perform better than images.
So maybe if Equinox used a video clip of someone doing a workout it may improve the click through rate and overall performance of the ad.
We’d also be interested to know whether Equinox are targeting males with this ad, which if they are is fine.
However if they’re targeting females or males and females then personally we would make sure females are represented in the image/video.
This will make the ad a lot more relatable and emotive to your desired target audience.
This video below from 1Rebel is a great example of powerful, persuasive video that could double up to be used as Ad creative.

Step 3: Create Urgency

One of the most important jobs of your ads is to create a sense of urgency.
‘Join Equinox in June’s is a very mild form of urgency because if you see this ad you know you can hold off from taking any action for three to four weeks without any consequences.
Whereas if you stated that it’s a one week special offer and it’s first come first serve, people will be pushed to take action immediately through fear of missing out.
The ideal outcome from your ad is people wanting what you’re offering and knowing that they need to take action immediately to get it.
Here’s an example of effective urgency from a fitness brand (ignore the cheesy ad copy and bad headline!)

Step 4: Call Out Your Audience

This step isn’t compulsory but we have seen it have very positive effects in the past.
Equinox will know exactly who they want to see this ad, because they will have targeted them using the Facebook audience targeting tools.
So it can be powerful to call out this audience in your ad copy.
‘Calling all Ladies of London’
‘Fitness fanatics of North London!’
Whoever your audience is, immediately letting them know that the ad is for them is a great way to grab their attention.
The smaller the pool of people you’re targeting, the more powerful this will be. For example:
London < North London
North London < Islington
Islington < Ladies of Islington
Let’s face it, if you’re a woman living in Islington and get served an ad saying ‘Ladies of Islington’, you’re at least going to take a look at what the offer is.
Here’s an example of a Nutrition brand clearly stating that their ad is for Health & Fitness coaches.

Step 5: The CTA (call to action)

The final component of the ad that we’re going to touch on is the CTA.
‘Sign Up’ as a CTA is totally fine, not a problem there, however it’s always good to reinforce your CTA in the ad copy too.
Walk your audience through it as simply as you possibly can by telling them to ‘Click the sign up button below to claim your spot.’
This leaves absolutely no room for error.
We also quite like adding emojis to the CTA in the ad copy, it’s not essential but it can help to point their eyes in the right direction. 👇👇👇👇👇
So there you have it, five quick tips that could hopefully help Equinox, and anyone else reading this, improve their Facebook ads.