5 Invaluable Welcome Email Templates For Your Fitness Boutique

Email may not be the most effective form of marketing at times, but it’s still the main way that fitness boutiques communicate with their customers.
And the welcome email that you send to new customers offers you the chance not only to make a great first impression, but to lay the foundations for your future marketing efforts.
So what’s the makeup of the perfect welcome email?
The truth is that there is no one size fits all policy, it depends on what sort of customers you’re attracting to your boutique.
Because while a studio like 1Rebel may favour hard talking pump up emails to drive sales and participation, Yoga on the Lane may favour a more relaxed personable approach.
So in this post we’re going to outline five different styles of welcome email that can be equally effective depending on what you’re looking to achieve and sort of customer base you have.

Welcome Email 1: The Sales One

The first template that we’re going to give you is purely aimed at generating sales.
While we don’t generally think that pushing a sale in a welcome email is the best of first impressions, it can be a good opportunity to deliver an offer because welcome emails generally have a high open rate.
So the point of this email is to welcome people on board and then offer them some sort of special offer or discount to get them into the gym and convert them into a paying customer.

Hey Sarah,

Thanks for registering!

As a special welcome gift I’d love to offer you 50% off your first class.


This welcome offer expires in 24hrs so hurry!

See you in the studio soon!

Head spin instructor

So this is your standard sales email.
Hit them up while they’re a fresh new contact and try and convert them into a paying customer.
The only slight different with this is that it’s written in the first person from a person at company, which makes it more personable.
We’ve received so many sales emails from ‘support@’ and ‘info@’ email addresses and it’s really disengaging.
Notice that we also added an expiration date to the offer to push for immediate action.

Welcome Email 2: The Goals One

This second template is probably our favourite out of the bunch because it’s the one we’d most like to be on the receiving end of.
And the point of this email is to find out their ‘why’.
Because once you know your customers goals and motivation for working out, all of your future marketing efforts have purpose and clear direction.
For example if you know that a customer is looking to build muscle, then you can send them special offers on classes that are geared around precisely that.

Hey Sarah,

Thanks so much for registering.

I was just getting in touch to find out a bit more about you and your fitness goals.

The more we know about our class members, the better workouts me and my team can deliver.

So what are the reasons that you decided to join us and what can we help you with?

Speak soon,

Head Spin Instructor

This is one of the most powerful welcome emails you can send.
Because once you get people sending responses to this email, you know exactly how to market to them in the future.
If someone has a goal of building muscle then you know what classes will be of interest to them, what special offers would push their buttons and your instructors will be able to talk to them on a personal basis about achieving their goals.
Finding out your customers goals should be one of your main priorities as a fitness boutique, because then you can start to segment your email list and ramp up the personalisation of your email marketing.
Plus, if people don’t respond, you haven’t lost out on anything.

Welcome Email 3: The Referral One

The point of this third template, if executed correctly, is to create a sort of domino effect in which once you get one new customer sign up, you also get another, and so on.
But naturally people aren’t going to invite their friends to join just out of goodwill, as lovely as that would be. So you have to offer new customers some sort of incentive for referring their friends.

Hey Sarah,

Thanks so much for registering, I’m Jenny the head spin instructor over here.

I appreciate that trying out a new studio for the first time by yourself can be a bit of a daunting process.

So for your first session, I’m sending over a golden ticket your way which means you can bring along a friend for free!


Workouts are always more fun with friends.

See you in the studio soon!

Head Spin Instructor

So this is pretty much a standard referral email, but with a slight twist.
The first point to note is that you address the fact that coming to a new studio by yourself is daunting, and it certainly can be.
Especially if it’s a class they haven’t tried before like Yoga or Spin.
So this sets the tone for your brand as one that genuinely cares.
Secondly, rather then ‘invite a friend’ or ‘refer a friend’ the use of ‘golden ticket’ just makes it that little bit more exciting.
People are so desensitised to the commonly used marketing terms in emails that even if you said ‘We’re sending you a Magic Carpet Pass’ it’d be a lot more effective than the typical marketing prose.
Also, if you have an inhouse designer, the use of Golden Ticket creates the opportunity for some nice creative design in your email templates.
If you want to put a bit of pressure on the referral you could also let them know that the golden ticket has an expiration date.

Welcome Email 4: The Breezy One

The sole purpose of this email template is to create a refreshing first impression.
You’re not selling them anything, you’re not being overbearing, you’re just being extremely chilled out and personable.
This sort of marketing can be extremely effective in a world where everyone is used to being on the receiving end of the hard sell.

Hey Sarah,

Thanks so much for registering, I’m Jenny the head spin instructor over here.

If you need anything at all whether it’s fitness tips, nutrition advice or if you want to suggest improvements to the way we do things over here, I’m your gal.

If you’re not much of an email person, feel free to hit me up on Facebook or Instagram.

See you in the studio soon!

Head spin instructor

This email is a really nice one.
It’s super personable and it frames your fitness boutique as a brand that genuinely cares.
You’re not trying to sell them any classes, you don’t have an agenda, you’re simply offering a helping hand.
Also, the social links, if followed, help to connect new customers to the people inside your brand.
This is smart because people get a far higher engagement rate than brands do on social media.
You’ll notice that many instructors at top studios have built up large social media followings of customers who love their classes and a special offer coming from them will be far more effective than a special offer being posted from the brand account.

Welcome Email 5: The Pleasant Surprise

This email template is a rather lovely one whereby the purpose is to delight your new customers as much as possible and create the ultimate great first impression.
This is the sort of marketing that will help you to create loyal brand advocates who will help to market your boutique for you through word of mouth and social media posting.

Hey Sarah,

Thanks so much for registering with us, I look forward to putting a face to the name in our studio soon!

To say thank you for joining the family, and as part of our plastic-free initiative, I’d love to send you one of our water bottles completely free of charge.

What address shall I send it to?

Head spin instructor

This email does a couple of smart things.
It gives them a free gift with no strings attached, and a useful gift at that.
It also drops in the fact that they’re a plastic-free fitness boutique which instantly gives a good first impression of the sort of brand they are.
Naturally if you’re not plastic-free then you can’t use that line but you can still take the opportunity to let new customers know what you’re about as a brand in some capacity.

What They All Have In Common

While all of these email templates are completely different, you should notice that they all share a few things in common and it’s these best practices that you should ensure are used throughout all of your email marketing.
  • Send them from a person
  • Write them in first person
  • Adopt a relaxed tone of voice
  • Ask a question to encourage engagement
And the one umbrella commonality that encapsulates the previous four points is to speak to people like you would in person.
Email is just a medium for delivering your voice, why should you type an email any differently to the way you speak?
Sure email may allow you to be wittier than you can be in real life but it certainly shouldn’t make you more boring and robotic.
If you don’t sound the best version of yourself across email then you’re not doing it right.
Let us know how you get on!