how a partnership with us would work


1. The Discovery Workshop

The first step of our process is to get to know you and your business.
We'll create buyer personas, talk goals and walk you through how our customer acquisition system works.
This will also give us the opportunity to set some performance benchmarks based on how much you're currently spending on leads and customers.

2. The Proposal

If you're happy with how the discovery workshop went we'll put together a proposal outlining how a relationship with us would work.
We'll break down the cost of our services, our execution plan and all of the necessary terms and conditions.
All you need to do is read and sign on the dotted line.

3. The Video

In our experience video Facebook Ads are far more effective than image Ads.
So part of our process is to head over to your studio with a team of professional videographers and shoot a promotional video.
Whether you work with us for three months or three years this video is yours to keep forever.

4. The Custom Audience

One of the best ways to generate new customers is by leveraging the ones you already have.
So we'll upload your existing customer data into Facebook to create a custom audience of people who share loads in common with your most loyal customers.
This should help to maximise the chance of trial customers converting to regular paying customers.

5. The Green Light

Once you've signed off the Ads that we've presented to you we'll set the campaign live.
We'll start off broad and set a number of Ads live in the first couple of weeks so that we can test lots of little experiments.
Once we start getting some data back we can start shutting down the Ads that aren't performing so well and leave a handful of 'sweet spot' Ads running.

6. The Reporting & Data

We'll send you weekly campaign reports optimised around the key metrics we're tracking.
If you're not happy with the data then we'll set about making changes to the campaign.
If you're extremely happy with the data then we can talk about increasing the Ad budget and scaling the campaign.

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