Why Your Fitness Boutique Is Leaking Money Every Single Day

As a result of Facebook’s recent push for greater transparency, you can now view the active Ads of any business on Facebook.
So being the curious souls that we are, we decided to take a browse of the Facebook Ads that fitness boutiques were running.
And we were amazed to notice one commonality between all of them that will be losing them money every single day.
They’re all paying to drive traffic towards their website.
Throughout this article we’re going to explain why this is a big problem.

Who’s Best For The Job?

If you had a problem with your back, you’d want to go and see a chiropractor because they’re a back specialist.
So if you’re trying to achieve conversions, you need to think about who the conversion specialist is.
Websites are not conversion specialists.
It’s just one of their many capabilities among offering contact details, business information, blog content and lots more. To put it simply, they’re a jack of all trades.
Whereas landing pages exist solely to convert traffic into leads. They’re the conversion specialists that you want to be providing the diagnosis for your paid traffic.

The Problem With Websites

The problem with driving traffic towards your website is that when a user lands on your site they have options and distractions.
They can browse the different website pages, read the blog, watch a video, read the about us page or venture down any of the other rabbit holes on offer.
Whereas if you’re trying to convert traffic, you want to give them no options other than to convert.
The only distractions from filling out and submitting the form, should be persuasive copy and content explaining why they should fill out and submit the form.
This is why Landing Pages are only one page and there is never any menu navigation options.
The second problem with driving traffic to websites is that it’s going to be a huge headache to analyse the data.
This is because traffic will be landing on your website from loads of different sources.
So not only do you have to separate all the different traffic sources out but you then have to separate out all the different conversion sources as well.
While it is possible to do this with Google analytics, it’s a slow and painful process that can be altogether avoided if you’re using a landing page to track your conversions.
And lastly, another big problem with driving traffic to your website is that you don’t have the luxury of A/B testing.
The beauty of using landing pages is that you can split the traffic between different variations of landing page to find out which one performs the best when you tweak things such as the copy or the colour of the submission button.
This is crucial for refining and improving the conversion rate of your landing page.
Whereas if you’re driving traffic to your website you’re just stuck with whatever happens. You’re not going to keep redeveloping your website for the sake of a Facebook Ad, it would be a nightmare.

Choosing a Solution

If that all makes a lot of sense to you but you find the prospect of building a landing page daunting, you need not worry.
Landing page builders are designed so that anyone can use them.
They’re drag and drop, self intuitive tools with tonnes of templates for you to get started with.
So even if you’re a small studio, you should be able to afford the time to build yourself a solid landing page that you can drive traffic to and maximise your conversion rate.
The most popular landing page builders to get started on are:
- Unbounce
- Lead Pages
- Click Funnels
Click Funnels is probably the best for beginners as it has the simplest interface to use and then Lead Pages and Unbounce offer slightly more advanced features and capabilities.
So, if you’re one of the many Fitness Boutiques paying to drive traffic towards your website, we urge you to pause your campaigns and build yourself a landing page.