Why Your Fitness Boutique Will Fail Without an Irresistible Offer

The UK Fitness market is estimated to be worth £5 billion with the number of gym locations now surpassing the 7,000 mark.
This steady growth of the industry is being fuelled by continued investment into big brands such as Frame, 1Rebel, and Core Collective, as well as the millennial mindset of being prepared to spend more money than ever before on health and fitness (on average £155 a month according to a study by Myprotein).
So while it’s a great time to be a part of the boutique fitness sector, it’s also a fiercely competitive environment.
So what’s the best way to get new customers coming through your doors?
It all lies in the effectiveness of your ‘irresistible offer.’
In this post we’re going to cover:
  • What an irresistible offer is
  • The consequences of an ineffective irresistible offer
  • The formula for the perfect irresistible offer
  • The best way to deliver your irresistible offer

What is an Irresistible Offer?

An irresistible offer is what you use to entice new customers to try out your fitness boutique.
When they see your irresistible offer it should be such a no brainer for them that they sign up immediately.
You know when you go on holiday and the restaurants fry onions in the street to entice you in.
It’s the same principle.
You want your onions to smell so good that people just wander straight in.
Here’s a few examples of offers we’ve seen fitness boutiques using.
You get the idea, whether it’s a freebie or a discount it’s something to try and get you through the door.

The Consequences of an Ineffective Irresistible Offer

We don’t want to sound like we’re being over the top, but in such a highly competitive industry, the consequences of an ineffective offer can be very severe.
You may:
  • Lose out on new customers to your competitors.
  • Lose money due to operating costs of free sessions.
  • Lose money on Facebook Ads that don’t convert.
  • Attract non serious customers who have no intention of coming back to your boutique.
  • Get lots of people that sign up but then don’t actually follow through and show up.
So, how can you avoid these pitfalls?

The Formula For the Perfect Irresistible Offer

The perfect irresistible offer should be:
  1. Attention grabbing
  2. High value
  3. Limited supply/time
  4. Hard to give up
1. Attention grabbing:
What’s the best way to grab someones attention? Offer them something for free
How many times have you accepted food or drink when they’re giving it out for free in the streets?
You take it to try because you’ve got nothing to lose right?
It’s the same principle here.
You want people to see your offer and think ‘Wow, might as well.’

2. High value:
The next ingredient of the perfect irresistible offer is to be of high value.
We see lots of fitness boutiques offer a free class as their irresistible offer.
And while this ticks the box of being free, the offer is valued at around £15–£20 which isn’t particularly high value.
People want to know that they’re getting an amazing deal.
So a better offer than a free session which would be high value would be one week of free sessions.
This will create that moment of ‘wow’ in your customer’s minds.
How many times have you bought reduced food in the supermarket that you don’t need?
You do it purely because it’s such a ‘good deal’.
A pack of pork pies may have no role to play in your evening dinner plans, but hey, when they’re only 5p you can’t say no to that lovely warm fuzzy feeling of a good deal.
The power of a high value offer is that not only will people sign up immediately but they will tell their friends about it.
And word of mouth marketing is both powerful and cost-free.
Here’s an example of a high value offer — ‘4 Weeks Free’
3. Limited supply/time
One of the most important things that your irresistible needs to do is create a sense of urgency.
Because no matter how amazing the offer is, if people think it’s not going anywhere then they may just book mark the tab and forget about it.
So it’s important that your offer is ‘first come first serve’ or that it’s valid for ‘one week only’ etc.
However you frame it, you need to make people think that if they don’t sign up immediately then they’re going to miss out.
Below is an example of a limited time offer — ‘Hurry, Offer Ends June 30’.
However, the problem with this ad is that 20% off is not a high value enough offer to encourage people to take action immediately.
So it’s important your offer includes all the 4 key ingredients we talk about and not just some of them.
Think of it like a table, without 4 strong legs it’s useless.

4. Creates a dependence
It’s no good getting lots of new customers through your door if they don’t convert into regular paying customers.
So you want your irresistible offer to allow enough time for customers to form some sort of dependence on your brand.
One free session is not enough time for your brand to become a part of your customers life.
Everyones favourite music streaming app Spotify launched a genius new customer offer which was 3 months of Spotify for 99p per month.
The price of course is a no brainer and once you reach the end of the 3 months you’ve created tonnes of playlists that you don’t want to give up.
You should try and apply the same sort of principle to the offer of your fitness boutique.
How can you offer them something that they won’t be prepared to give up?

How to Deliver Your Irresistible Offer

So once you’ve decided on your mouth watering fried onion smelling offer, how do you get it in front of the right people?
Well there are a few things you can do:
  • Make the offer clear on your website home page
  • Link to the offer in your social media bios (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Promote the offer in an exit-intent website pop-up
  • Create a referral programme through email marketing where members can send on the irresistible offer to friends
However, the main way you should be promoting your offer is through Facebook Ads.
This is the best way to deliver your offer to the maximum amount of ideal customers.
And the best part of Facebook Ads is that you can A/B test two different offers against one another to see which performs the best.
Because while you think you may have the perfect offer, your customers may disagree.
So you could test a ‘buy one session get another one free’ offer against a ‘one week of unlimited free classes’ offer to compare things like the cost per lead, the click through rate and the new customer conversion rate.
You should always let the data guide your future decisions, rather than assuming that you know what your customers want.
As with all forms of marketing it’s about setting clear KPIs that you measure throughout the campaign.
Once you’ve tested enough different campaigns to pinpoint the perfect sweet spot for your irresistible offer it will be an invaluable asset to your fitness boutique that can provide a consistent stream of fresh meat.
And once you know your offer works, you can simply increase your Facebook ads budget to scale up the amount of people that see it.
So the perfect irresistible offer is one of the first steps to becoming completely in control of how busy your classes are.